Data marketing : Automated customer journey

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Today, data are so important that they underpin every company’s services and functions. Marketers need to understand and know how to work with data, without becoming engineers or statisticians. The main objective of this course is to allow students to build and drive a Customer journey, considering the contextualization of data and considering all relationships with stakeholders.

April 6/7th, 2020

2 days

Pr. Andrea Micheaux – Director of Marketing and Strategy Department

  • IMT-BS Executive Alumni Club Members, IMT Starter, Staff : free for a maximum of 5 days, 150 €/day beyond
  • Others : 150 €/day

Show students the value of marketing knowledge to enrich data

Help them to create relevant marketing indicators to improve customer experience

Provide skills and tools for an effective enterprise-wide collaboration on the optimal use of data

The two days are divided into conference sessions, group works and debriefings.The professor will conduct experiential learning training (ELT). Students will be asked to create a “persona” and then build the client’s journey touchpoints and backstage data processes. They will work in groups. The two days are divided into conference sessions, group work and debriefing.

Executive Students – who are Student executives – who are highly or
partially involved in marketing strategy and vision.

Bac + 3 years minimum – 5 years’ professional experience minimum – English B2

Andréa Michaux IMT-BS

Andréa Micheaux

Pr. Andrea Micheaux
Director of Marketing and Strategy Department

Doctor In Management science at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Andréa is also a graduate from CESEM (NEOMA).

She is the author of « Marketing de Bases de Données » which contributed widely to CRM’s rise.

She founded a consulting firm in marketing data in the bank and insurance sectors before becoming A.I.D.’s Associate Director.

She published several articles about Data Driven Marketing, Commercial Pressure and Marketing Ethics in scientific journals. 

Named in 2015 at the Corps des Professeurs des Universités, Andrea now focuses mainly on research and pedagogy while keeping a close relationship with « MarTech » platforms’ editors.

Professor in Marketing, she is now at the head of Institut Mines-Télécom Business School’s Management, Marketing and Strategy’s department.