Born in Silicon Valley, growth hacking involves a wide range of innovative marketing approaches, including creativity, analytical thinking and technical know-how, most often used by start-ups to speed up their growth. This course will help you discover some of the best practice ideas in order to appropriate them and acquire the reflexes you need to change your vision of marketing.

carlo mologoni imt-bs

Carlo Mologni

Co-founder of UNO Agency

Carlo Mologni, Co-founder of UNO Agency, which provides digital acquisition strategy consulting and advertising campaign optimization services. Expertise: Facebook/Instagram ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Snapchat ads, Bing ads.

Jean Baptiste Duquesne imt-bs

Jean-Baptiste Duquesne

founder of culinary website 750g

Jean-Baptiste is the founder of culinary website 750g (launched in 2004). After selling it in 2016, he bought the Cazebonne castle at Saint Pierre de Mons and started working in the biodynamic field, reintroducing forgotten native grape varieties.