Data driven marketing

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Data driven marketing



The impact of digital technology on marketing is mainly based on data collection and data analysis for better decision-making. Massive use of the Internet and social networks generate big data on consumers, competitors and marketers, whilst helping to optimize marketing strategies. Artificial intelligence systems, such as chatbots, recommendation systems, real-time bidding and vocal assistants, represent new opportunities for data driven marketing, but also ethical challenges for marketers.

Christine Balague imt-bs

Christine Balagué

Professor and holder of the Social Networks and IoT Research Chair at Institut Mines-Télécom

She is also former Vice-President of the National Digital Council in France. Qualified to direct research, Christine holds a PhD in Management from HEC Paris, an MBA in Marketing from ESSEC, as well as a Master in Econometry from ENSAE. She has also been awarded the French National Order of Merit.