Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

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Artificial Intelligence & Ethics

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Today, artificial intelligence is transforming every economic sector and impacting society. Technologies based on artificial intelligence can lead to valuable innovations and positive performance for companies, but also present a number of negative effects. The ethics of artificial intelligence is a hot topic for governments, for the Europe Union and for individual companies. A recent report from the European Commission’s High-Level Group on Artificial Intelligence issued some trustworthy AI guidelines, while pluri-disciplinary research on ethical and responsible-by-design technology is intensively working on algorithms, bias, discrimination, encapsulated opinion and opacity challenges.

Christine Balague imt-bs

Christine Balagué

Professor and holder of the Social Networks and IoT Research Chair at Institut Mines-Télécom.

She is also former Vice-President of the National Digital Council in France. Qualified to direct research, Christine holds a PhD in Management from HEC Paris, an MBA in Marketing from ESSEC, as well as a Master in Econometry from ENSAE. She has also been awarded the French National Order of Merit.