Technology, Information & Management

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The Technologies, Information and Management department specializes in 4 main areas:

Information systems engineering:

methods and tools, project management assistance, project management, security policy

Processes and integration:

process management, collaborative systems, integration policy, integrated management software package

Business Intelligence:

business intelligence: decision-making information systems, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, cognitive systems, economic intelligence, governance and data management

Information systems governance:

information systems strategy, information systems management, information systems audit and evaluation

The department is responsible for the 3rd year majors:

  • Information Systems Engineering
  • Audit and Consulting in Information Systems
  • Consulting and Management in information systems
  • Business Information System for the Digital Era
  • Participates in the Major Information Systems for Finance
  • Co-responsible for an in-depth study on “Project management of information systems“
  • Specialized Master’s Degree (MS) in Information Systems for Companies comprising 3 fields: “audit and consulting in information systems”, “information systems engineering” and “information systems for finance“

The department’s faculty are members of the SMART BIS team.