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Grazia Cecere

Dean of the Faculty

Institut Mines-Télécom Business School’s values can be summed up in four words: audacity, excellence, open and responsibility. These values are upheld by the Faculty in all of its daily activities:



in the innovations it puts forward

In search of excellence


in the quality of the results it delivers

Open in its approch


which is multidisciplinary and transversal



in the solidarity and commitment it shows towards all

One of the priorities of the School is to offer its Faculty the best possible working environment and regular support adapted to each of its members, as well as providing skills and careers development opportunities. 

Institut Mines-Télécom Business School‘s Faculty, which is both international and multicultural, cultivates excellence by means of in-depth teaching and high quality research in numerous fields of management sciences, social sciences and humanities. The Faculty is made up of 70 members, who are spread over 4 teaching departments and several research teams, and more than 200 practitioners who come from large groups, SMEs and startups.

This dynamic of excellence is manifested in a style of teaching which is in a constant process of perpetual renewal and which increasingly makes use of new pedagogical innovations such as flipped classrooms, serious games, MOOCS and so forth. It is also manifested in its research which is solidly rooted in the field in order to better respond to the concerns and needs of organizations and society.

In addition to this, the School undertakes transfer and valorization activities involving the main economic actors in order to provide them with support and consultancy services by means of surveys, specific studies, executive training, and applied research partnerships within the context of projects but also within the framework of supervision of industrial theses.

These interdependent activities are of benefit to the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School‘s students in that they gain exposure to a high quality, personalized coaching framework with a strong link to the real world.

All Faculty members are motivated and committed to transferring actionable knowledge, life values which will be indispensable in students’ future careers, and also their enthusiasm for research and future industry to their pupils, as well as giving them an awareness of the scientific, technological, economic and social challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Faculty members are constantly striving to pursue their different individual initiatives and their collective assignments in close collaboration within an inspiring and open environment with the audacious objective of transforming the world while remaining responsible and faithful to universal values.