Values and Policies of Personal Information Chair

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The Personal Information Values and Policies (PIVP) chair aims to help companies, citizens and public authorities in their deliberations on collecting, using and sharing personal information. This information concerns individuals (private life, professional activity, digital identity, contributions on social networks, etc.) and includes the data collected by the smart objects that make up their daily life (smartphones, smart meters, connected television sets and smart toys such as NFC, etc.). All this information raises many questions in terms of social and economic value as well as oversight and regulatory policy.




The chair concentrates its work on five topics of research:

Topic 1: Digital Identities

The research will focus especially on examining the essential functions behind the chain of trust involved in providing a digital identity, from the time of enrollment throughout the life cycle of this identity, including any times of crisis. The issues of managing evidence and responsibility both on the legal and ethical levels of the various players will be studied, especially with regard to mobility.

Topic 2: Managing Personal Information

The objective is to anticipate the impact of any future European regulations on the protection of personal data, particularly with regard to the way in which a personal information management policy is put into application by an organization. At a more global level, the issues of a loss of trust and any factors likely to renew trust in technological systems in terms of anonymization and privacy by design techniques will be examined.

Topic 3: Contributions and Traces

This topic examines the sharing of personal data. The concept of role will be developed with a view to better understanding the various facets making up a digital identity and their relationship to choices made. This theme will also treat the question of demand for privacy and will seek to determine which factors may influence the disclosure and sharing of personal information.

Topic 4: Personal Information on the Internet of Things

This topic will look at the legal structure applying to personal information as created by objects. The themes of legal and ethical co-responsibility of the various players will also be treated via an analysis of the relationships between the data created by an object, an individual and a group of people. This topic will also cover the issues of information traceability and anonymization as well as the management and security of automated flows, especially in the context of cloud computing.

Topic 5: Personal Information Policies

This topic intends to develop evaluation criteria for the systems, products or services dealing with personal information whether from a technical, legal, economic or ethical perspective. This criteria will help to develop a methodology for objectively assessing the level of conformity and guarantees provided.


The Personal Information Values and Policies chair launched by the Institut Mines-Télécom was created in partnership with the Groupe Imprimerie Nationale, BNP Paribas and Dassault Systèmes. Deveryware and Orange are also partners in this program. In addition, the chair boasts the collaboration of the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés [French Data Protection Authority] (CNIL) and is also backed by the Fondation Télécom [Telecom Foundation].