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An increasing number of businesses boast gigantic amounts of data from numerous sources (sensors, social networks, online transactions, interactions and traces left on the web). This enormous mass of data is diverse and constantly in flux. The Big Data & Market Insights chair aims to extract this massive amount of data to decipher and model it with a view to enhancing it for partner companies, thereby improving service to the consumer.

The new Big Data and Market Insights chair intends to develop innovative solutions for processing and analyzing the enormous amounts of data belonging to companies as well as that from a large-scale search of the web. It thereby aims to create new marketing applications and improve consumer service. Signed for five years, the chair will help stimulate partner companies’ R&D investments with a view to developing “French style” Big Data expertise.

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The chair focuses on three topics of research:

Topic 1: The Management and Analysis of Large Graph Data

Topic 2: The Systems of Choice and Recommendation

Topic 3: Applications in terms of Digital Marketing


Partner schools and companies of the chair are brought together by a common desire to develop Big Data expertise marked by an ethical respect for the privacy of personal data. The chair is funded by Deloitte, Voyages SNCF, the Yves Rocher group and BPCE.

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