Marketing, Management and Strategy

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The Management, Marketing and Strategy Department is in charge of the courses in the following topics:

  • Marketing;
  • Strategy;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Project Management;
  • Supply Chain Management;
  • and Entrepreneurship.
The Department’s professors teach in all programs: Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s in Management Program, Specialized Masters, Executive MBA,  doctoral program. They create and use teaching tools combining new information technologies and pedagogy (online courses, multimedia case studies). The Department offers six majors for students in their third year of the Integrated Master’s in Management program wishing to concentrate in the following topics:



Coop education

Digital Marketing


in collaboration with the Business Administration Institute in Lille and the European Institute of Direct Marketing – Coop education

International Affairs and Project Management



taught in English, in collaboration with the Information System Department

Information and Communications Technology Marketing Management


in English, in collaboration with the Department of Law, Economics and Finance

International Marketing


taught in English

The MMS Department also coordinates two programs in the Summer School, aimed at international students: one about the European Approach to Management and the other one to Information Technology in Europe.

Research activity by the Department members is led in the “E-marketing and Digital Networks” and “Innovation, Globalization and Transformation” teams.