Information Systems

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They are the basic element in business strategies, where technical, economical, human, social and managerial techniques meet. The Information System Department specializes in four main themes:

Information System Engineering


Methods and tools, assistance to project management, project management, safety policy

Processes and Integration


Process management, collaborative systems, integration policy, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Business Intelligence 


Decisional information systems, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, cognitive systems, economic intelligence

Information System Governance


Information system strategy, information system management, information system audit and assessment


Faculty members from the Information System Department teach courses in the field of Information Systems. They are in charge of teaching in the following third-year majors:

  • Demand and Delivery Management in Information Systems (ISI);
  • Auditing and Consulting in Information Systems (ACSI);
  • and take part in the Information Systems for Financial Markets (SIF) major.

The Department also handles, together with the Information System Department at Telecom SudParis, an advanced studies module (VAP) called « Information System Project Management ».

It also proposes a Specialized Master (MS) in Information Systems for Businesses made up of three tracks: Auditing and Consulting in Information Systems, Demand and Delivery Management in Information Systems and Information Systems for Finance Markets.

Faculty members of the Department are also part of the »Information Systems and  Organization Transformation » team in the Telecom Business School’s Research Center.