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Nowadays, the new media convergence landline vs mobile, media vs telecoms and the web 2.0’s frame our society. Those evolutions and innovations challenge social relations as well as they enhance social networks.

Looking at those changes, Télécom Ecole de Management’s research is outstanding. Its expertise in economics, management, social and human sciences explores the ICT’s market trends, economical, managerial and social involvements challenging debates on digital issues.

Our research is based on three principles :

Know-how interdisciplinary, that is:


sharing experiences, knowledge, and methods



the activities we get involve in evolve fast (ICT, new media, etc.) and are constantly reshaped by innovation

Research projects and partnerships in Management & IT


to create links between industries, institutions, students, the higher education and the research. Keeping in touch with our partner’s network enable us to question forthcoming trends, and to prepare new replies to scientific and social challenges based on the quick.

Created in 2010 Telecom Business School’s Research Centre is divided into autonomous research teams and a doctoral program. It is managed by an executive committee composed of the team leaders and the directors of the Research Centre. Seven teams reflect the variety of skills within the school :

Ethics, Technologies, Humans, Organizations, Society

Connected Consumers in a Digital World

Dynamics of Networks, Innovation and Knowledge

Representations and Uses of Digital Devices

Smart Business Information Systems