Ethics, Technologies, Humans, Organizations, Society

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ETHOS examines the evolution of hypermodern organizations and societies through ethical, social and human issues.

Scientific project

Trois axes de recherches sont privilégiés :

1 Ethics and the digital society

New forms of sociability in the public sphere, ethical and social evolution

2. Ethical and human issues in organizations

Study of organizations in a humanistic approach

3. Aesthetics, design and search for meaning

Data design, aesthetic experiences, museum strategies, performative effects, political effects and configuration of imaginations in new media

Our researchers

Loréa Baïada-Hirèche (head), Emmanuel Baudoin, Mélissa Boudes, Shirley Carter-Thomas, Philippe Castelnau, Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Ghislaine Garmilis, Charles Egert, Yannick Fronda, Bhumika Gupta, Jennifer Malet, Andréa Micheaux, Jean-Luc Moriceau, Robert Voyer