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Jean-Luc Moriceau, Hugo Letiche et Marie-Astrid Le Theule

L’art du sens dans les organisations,

Presses de l’Université Laval, 2019, Collection: « Sciences de l’administration »

Each art of meaning opens a world, to explore and think: it is an art of searching, understanding, writing, engaging, even an art of living. As stimulating as Weick’s theories on meaning creation are, they cannot exhaust the question of meaning in organizations. The fabric of meaning is at the convergence of the arts of the artisan and the artist, so it is on the aesthetic side, in its links with ethics and politics, that authors are looking for ways and materials to think about meaning in organizations.


Peter Curwen, Jason Whalley, Pierre Vialle

Disruptive Activity in a Regulated Industry: The Case of elecommunications

Emerald Publishing Limited, 2019

This book makes a unique evaluation of the situation that prevails across a significant part of the industrial sector; where involvement is subject to the acquisition of an operating licence. Taking telecommunications as an illustrative industry, with a particular focus on mobile telecommunications, the books is interested in the regulatory bodies that are tasked with licence issuance.

Transition industrielle

Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Sophie Bretesché, Carine Dartiguepeyrou, Thibault de Swarte

Transition industrielle et organisations émergentes : L’éthique en question

Presses des Mines, 2019, Coll. « Libres opinions »

The contributions that make up this book are the result of work carried out as part of the TIEENE research project (Industrial Transition: Ethical and Socio-professional Issues of the “New Economy”), the ITM’s 2018 “Industry of the Future” seed fund.