Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair

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The Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair develops the keys to success by designing connected objects and innovative services that integrate into our daily lives in a sustainable way, while preserving the common good. The knowledge produced by the Chair’s research activities feed into the school’s teaching, thereby enhancing the teaching-research nexus that sits at the heart of the School’s mission.

The Chair focuses on four main lines of research to better understand the behaviour of connected objects users.

Research Areas

Modeling the behavior of consumers of connected objects

What is the appropriation process? How to measure the IoT user experience? What framework for developing innovative services around connected objects?

Processing of IoT data by users

How do consumers perceive the data of connected objects? What is their cognitive treatment? How to present the information to them?

Usage Observatory

Collection of usage data (questionnaire plus living lab, connected apartment). Models of use in a network of people and objects (smart home, e-health, smart cities). Classification of products according to user-use criteria.

Impact of cultural diversity

Impact of cultural diversity on ownership and user experience.

The Smart Objects and Social Networks Chair at the Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has a partnership with Groupe SEB and Medtronic.