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ETHOS examines the evolution of hypermodern organizations and societies through ethical, social and human issues.

Scientific project

1. Ethics and the digital society

New forms of sociability in the public sphere, ethical and social evolution

2. Ethical and human issues in organizations

Study of organizations in a humanistic approach

3. Aesthetics, design and search for meaning

Data design, aesthetic experiences, museum strategies, performative effects, political effects and configuration of imaginations in new media

Our researchers

Loréa Baïada-Hirèche (head), Emmanuel Baudoin, Mélissa Boudes, Shirley Carter-Thomas, Philippe Castelnau, Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Ghislaine Garmilis, Charles Egert, Yannick Fronda, Bhumika Gupta, Jerzy Kociatkiewicz, Jennifer Malet, Andréa Micheaux, Jean-Luc Moriceau, David Rapp, Robert Voyer