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KIND focuses on information and communication technologies, green ICTs, open source, knowledge production and dissemination, as well as the implications of the massive use of data in private life.

Scientific project

Addressing societal and environmental challenges

Digital social innovation, obstacles to social innovation, green ICTs, eco-innovations

Financing and promotion of innovation

Venture capital, licensing evaluation, patent litigation

IPR and knowledge dissemination

Open source innovation, university-industry links and patent analysis

Social Network Theory

Management of innovation networks, analysis of complex networks

ICT sector dynamics

Digital economic models, standards and institutions, technological catch-up

Privacy Economics

Business models and privacy, privacy concerns

Our researchers

Grazia Cecere (head), Michel Berne, Marie Carpenter, Cédric Gossart, Todd Davey, Charlotte Krychowski, Vincent Lefrere, Sondes Mbarek, Muge Ozman, Bulat Sanditov, Baran Siyahhan, Nicolas Soulié, Donia Trabelsi, Pierre Vialle