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The research activity is organized
into 5 research teams

It is based on 3 essential principles:


Sharing experiences, knowledge, and methods


Sectors studied are rapidly evolving (NICT, media, etc.) and are marked by breakthroughs and innovations

Project and partnership

Research closely linked to our industrial partners, institutions, students, higher education and research institutions. Our partner networks enable us to respond quickly to the scientific, social and societal challenges posed by the evolution of our preferred sectors


Dynamics of Networks, Innovation and Knowledge (KIND)

Studies the dynamics of innovation, particularly in relation to the notions of knowledge and networks.


Ethics, Technologies, Humans, Organizations, Society (ETHOS)

Questions the evolution of hypermodern organizations and societies through ethical, social and human issues.


Smart Business Information Systems (SMART bis)

The issue of organizational transformations through information systems (IS) is at the heart of the work of this research group.


Representations and Uses of Digital Devices (RUN)

Develops a critical approach to the societal challenges of the digital transition, with emancipation as a horizon, freeing itself from a state of dependence and control.

Connected Consumers in a Digital World (CONNECT)

Understand the changes in consumer behaviour linked to technological developments and inform companies about their marketing strategy and techniques to remain competitive.