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Attached to the doctoral school ( ED SHS) of the University of Paris-Saclay, LITEM is a joint research laboratory focused on management sciences and economics co-hosted between University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne and the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School.

Its aim is to research the dynamics of innovation, the functioning of markets and organizations, and their financing.  The lab has particular specialization in the digital sector in fields  such as ICT, open source, platforms, big data, green IT and their applications in a range of sectors including health, agriculture, industry, e-commerce and government. The lab also has a distinct expertise in social innovation, with a view to contributing to sustainable development goals. 

Its members work on the themes of innovation, digital technology and organizational responsibility.  


Scientific project:

Research at LITEM is structured around 2 main research areas:

  1. Digital, praxis, responsibility
  2. Innovation, markets, organizations

The results of this research are published in English and French in journals classified by HCERES, but also in popular scientific activities in all media.

In January 2019, LITEM was evaluated very positively by HCERES for a period of 5 years (more information).


Head: Prof. Liliana MITKOVA (UEVE) ; Assistant Head: Prof. Cédric GOSSART (IMT-BS).



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