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The VPIP Chair takes a multidisciplinary approach to the collection, use and sharing of personal information.

Its scope includes information concerning individuals (privacy, professional activities, digital identities, contributions to social networks, etc.) including information collected by communicating objects (smartphones, home automation, smart meters, connected televisions or NFC-type smart toys, etc.).

Research Areas

Digital Identities

It studies how digital allows an individual to choose how he presents himself to others and the different information collected and transmitted.

Managing Personal Information

It addresses issues of trust and the interactions between legal developments and technological systems.

Contributions and traces

It examines how individuals contribute, voluntarily or not, to the sharing of their information.

Personal Information on the Internet of Things

It studies how the Internet of Things influences the legal regime applicable to personal information through usage, first by considering the associated ethical aspects.

Personal Information Policies

It considers the criteria for evaluating systems, products or services handling personal information from a technical, legal, economic and ethical point of view.

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The members of the Chair have published nearly 80 articles, dossiers and reports in scientific journals, collective books or in the general press. This plurality of media reflects the diversity of the audiences concerned: experts and researchers, public authorities, business leaders, students and citizens.  The richness of the topics covered demonstrates the complexity of the subjects relating to personal information.


It is supported by the Imprimerie Nationale group, BNP Parisbas, Orange, Sopra Steria, Qwant, Dassault Systèmes, CNIL, the Interministerial Directorate for Digital Technology and the State Information and Communication System (DINSIC), which reports to the Prime Minister and the Fondation Telecom.