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The Good in Tech Chair creates new knowledge around four main research streams and  contributes to the dissemination of this knowledge to  academic and pedagogical audiences and among companies, policy decision-makers and regulators and the general public.

The Chair aims to bring the results of its work and the structured and multi-stakeholder debates it organises to the level of national and European political bodies, with the aim of influencing public policies.

Research Areas

Responsible digital innovation: what measures?

What are the dimensions and measures of responsible digital innovation? How to integrate responsible digital innovation into digital corporate social responsibility?

How to develop responsible technologies “by design”?

How to avoid data bias? How to develop responsible technology by design?

Reinventing the future: what society for tomorrow in a digital world

What society for tomorrow in a digital world? How to reinvent the future in a perspective faithful to the Enlightenment, preserving the principle of equality applied to the connected world?

Governance of innovation and responsible technologies

What are the governance mechanisms for responsible digital innovation? What are the relevant levels of this governance: Europe, Nation, Enterprise?

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It was created with the support of the Louis Bachelier Group Risk Foundation, in partnership with the Télécom SudParis and Télécom Paris engineering schools, and is supported by the AFNOR Group, CGI, Danone, Fabernovel, Sycomore Asset Management and AG2R.