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bloc operatoire augmenté

The “Augmented Operating Room” innovation chair identifies the problems of the operating room and provides human and technological solutions: transforming the relationship to error in surgery and increasing the number of professionals by accelerating the use of digital technology in the operating room. By humanly and technologically modernizing the operating room, the actors of BOPA want to transform the analysis and the learning of the surgical act.

The BOPA chair accelerates the development of digital technologies, in gestation or already existing, which make it possible to increase the senses (vision, speech and touch) of the various actors in the block. These devices to help improve practices are tested in a 158 m2 space – including a “dummy operating room” – made available by the Paul-Brousse AP-HP hospital. They are finalized and then quickly validated in the operating room of the Hépato-Biliaire Center, which is the leading liver transplant center in France.

Research Areas

Preparation of the surgeon, pre-operation planning

Tele-expertise and training of young surgeons

Enriching morbidity and mortality reviews

“Reverse research”

Objective assessment of quality of care in the operating block

Composite confidence index in the operating block

Health financing, insurance pressure


BOPA is funded by the AP-HP Foundation and the Mines-Télécom Foundation, thanks to the sponsorship of Sham (Relyens Group) and Boston Scientific Foundation Europe on the one hand, and of Orange Healthcare, Medtronic and Richard Wolf of somewhere else. They support the project for four years and each undertake to make contributions each year. Added to this is a skills sponsorship and donation of equipment Getinge and from Capgemini Invent.