Some answers for your appreciation

Am I eligible to apply to your program at my own expense (I pay the tuition fee and cost of the program), if my home university does not have a partnership with yours? 

Yes, you can enroll in one of our programs at your own expense, paying the non-partner university fees.

Are the places limited for each program?

Yes, the program has a limited number of places. The registrations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. So it is wise to register early to be sure to have a place. 

What is the total cost (including tuition and housing fees)?

Whatever the program you choose, the total cost of the summer program amounts to € 2,000 for students from partner institutions and € 3,000 € for students from non-partner institutions.

What are the conditions of acceptance?

You have to validate at least your first and second years at your university, and you need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of your university transcripts of the past 2 years
  • A resume
  • A recent passport-size picture
  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of health and liability insurance.

All application documents may be e-mailed.

Is the summer program open to undergraduate students?

Yes, but we recommend the program for students having completed at least two years of undergraduate studies. Applications from first-year undergraduate students will be considered, but the School reserves the right not to accept those students.

Do I need to prove my English level?

We do not ask for a proof of your English level, but all candidates must have a sufficient level in English to attend courses taught in English. 

I have never learned French. Am I still eligible?


Am I still required to provide a grade or other academic indicator to prove my French language ability if I am at an elementary level?

No, but if you have already attended French classes at your university, it is preferable that you indicate the number of hours, or that you provide a certificate of level from your French professor. Anyway, Lucille BERTAUX, the French coordinator, will create level groups based upon the scores the students obtain on the tests that are organized on the first day.

Do I have to buy textbooks for language or core courses that I am going to attend? 

No. The classes do not require any particular textbooks as the teaching is mainly based on lectures and presentations. Faculty will provide all course material.

How many courses (language and core) are included in the tuition fees?

All courses are included in the fees (including French courses).

How much will an additional course cost?

You are not allowed to have additional courses. The program is pre-set and no change can be made.

What is the minimum number of courses I can take?

Same answer as above. You cannot choose your courses. All are mandatory. Please refer to the program syllabi.

Is it possible to receive credits?

It’s up to your university to make credit transfers and to decide how many credits you will obtain for the summer program. IMT-BS grants 6 credits for main program and 2 credits for the French classes.

Do I need to apply for a Schengen visa? If so, then what type of visa must it be?

It depends on your nationality. Please seek advice at your university. If you need a visa, make sure you have a multi-entry visa. Also check this link to have information about Visa.

What type of accommodation will participants be provided with during the program? 

Accommodation is on campus in single occupancy rooms with a private bathroom and kitchen. Laundry facilities are located on the ground floor of the building and are common to all students.

How many students are there per room?

Only one student per room.

Am I allowed to arrange alternative accommodation different from what is included in the program?

We strongly urge you not to. The price remains the same and includes accommodation. Likewise our accommodation is on-campus and ensures you will mix not only with students from the summer school, but with other full-time students who will organize events and outings throughout the program. 

What is the price range for weekend trips?

The School does not arrange any trips on weekends. However, it will be possible for summer school students to be assisted by full-time student interns for organizing short trips around the School: thematic visits in Paris, Versailles Castle, Disneyland, etc. We also encourage you to buy a Eurail Pass before you leave your home country, which will allow you to purchase tickets to travel throughout France and Europe at low rates.

Is there a possibility to be picked up at the airport when arriving?

Yes. A shuttle service will be organized on Monday, June 25th in the morning at Charles de Gaulle Airport. If you plan to arrive on another day, we do not guarantee that you will be picked up at the airport (pick-up price is € 30.00).