Double Diploma

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The program covers 4 years and allows students to obtain diplomas from two institutions: a diploma in engineering from Telecom SudParis, Télécom NancyMines Alès or Mines Nantes and a diploma in management from Institut-Mines Télécom Business School. The innovative curriculum is accessible to both engineering students at Telecom SudParis and management students at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School. A unique curriculum, rare in France, made possible thanks to the synergy between the two schools who have shared the same campus for over 30 years.



Instead of three years to complete the program at Institut-Mines Télécom Business School, students in the dual degree study for four years. Students spend their time in both schools:

3 semesters


in each school, engineering and management

1 semester



1 semester


doing a student internship

How to apply?

The conditions for admissions are specific to the program. Students at Institut-Mines Télécom Business School who wish to do the double degree program must have completed certain scientific prerequisites and succeed the entrance exams at Telecom SudParis.



“Our school understands the world of engineers, in particular engineers in the computer sciences and network technology. We are part of Telecom Institute which brings together several engineering schools with whom we have developed a certain synergy in program development and research. Since the school’s creation in 1979, we have shared our campus with Telecom SudParis, our sister engineering school, with which we share faculty, students, extra curricular activities and support staff.  This relationship today allows us to teach managers to understand how engineers are taught, allowing them to work effectively and efficiently together.”

Michel Berne
Associate Academic Dean at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School

Photo Michel Berne