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Study programs and academics




Bachelor in Management and IT (B2), 2nd year, Fall semester

  • A multi-disciplinary program in marketing, sales, economics, management and new technology
  • An opportunity to spend a semester abroad in one of the school’s partner universities
  • An internship to discover the world of work in the first year
  • A long-term internship at the end of your studies (6 months)
  • A mastery of innovative technologies used by businesses

As the Bachelor program is taught partly in English, Exchange Students can choose courses taught in English during Fall semester only.

Institut Mines-Télécom Business School invites you to join its highly selective and prestigious Programme Grande École with a large range of Grande École courses taught in English.

Programme Grande École is one of IMT-BS main programs, a high quality program with a selective admission process.

IMT-BS awards a Masters level diploma, a national accreditation recognizing the diploma as equal to five years of higher education. The program has also obtained the internationally renowned AMBA accreditation.

The 2nd year of the Masters cycle: advanced studies in Management (M1)

The 3rd year of the Masters cycle: specialization or major in Management (M2).

Master of Science in International Management (M1 and M2)
To find out more information about MSc in International Management, see our brochure: IMT-BS Master of Science IM.

Master of Science in ICT Business Management (M1 and M2)

To find out more information about MSc in Information and Communication Technology Business Management, see our brochure: IMT-BS Master of Science ICTBM.





Students may select courses within ONE STUDY PROGRAM
(Fall or Spring).


Applicants should

  • choose an accurate Study program
  • create a Learning Agreement. The learning agreement should contain all the courses you are planning to take and the ECTS credits allocated.

All courses at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School are measured in terms of ECTS credits. All courses have a number of credits allocated reflecting the time that an average student will need to attend the course and finish it. The credit is the total of all study activities for one course: lectures, seminars, practicals, study time, preparation for examinations, writing essays, etc. Most courses at IMT-BS are assigned an ECTS value of 2 or 5 credits.

We do not have a mandatory minimum or maximum ECTS workload. In principle, students should take up to 30 credits per semester.

For details, please visit European Commission’s ECTS ONLINE USER GUIDE.



During your first week at IMT-BS, you can make changes to your Agreement (part called Modification of Learning Agreement). Please note that you should do it within 3 weeks after your arrival to IMT-BS. Get approval from your departmental coordinator at IMT-BS and at your home university.

 If your university does not provide any format of the Learning Agreement, you can download



Exchange Students need to assess their language skills in English according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The minimum requirement for students wishing to study at IMT-BS as exchange students is level CEFR B2.


Please see the entire list of English language requirements:

  • TOEFL iBT Certificate, with a minimum score of 79-80
  • Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)
  • IELTS Certificate, with a minimum score of 6.5
  • Certificate of the language center of your home institution, testifying that your level of English is at least CEFR B2
  • Certificate of the Erasmus Plus Online linguistic support website (only for European Erasmus+ students) CEFR B2.


All applications require proof of English proficiency unless at least one of the following applies: 

You are

  • studying a full-time degree in English or
  • a native English speaker and or
  • a citizen of one of the countries listed below: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America

For example, if you are an international student studying in Australia, you do not need to submit your original proof of English proficiency.


For your convenience, please find the Comparison chart of English certificates to European levels.



Exchange student academic requirements may vary according to the home institution, but we still expect all exchange students to meet our minimum academic requirements as well. You should contact the Exchange coordinator in your home university for more information.

Undergraduate Applicants 

  • Applicants should have a minimum GPA of 2.3 in their current undergraduate studies.

Postgraduate Applicants

  • Postgraduate students must have successfully completed an undergraduate degree with an overall grade GPA of minimum 2.3

Academic Guidance

At Institut Mines-Télécom Business School you are guided by an Academic Coordinator who will be the contact person in charge for exchange students on all academic issues. If you need more detailed information to draw up your study plan or any other academic issue or courses selection during your stay, please contact the Academic Office directly. The email address of the coordinator is mentioned below.

Please find the IMT-BS-Academic-Year-2020-2021.

International Students Days

All international students starting their studies at IMT-BS are invited to our International Student’s Orientation Days held on

  • Early January for Spring semester and
  • Late August for Fall semester.

The Orientation Days are designed to make your transition to Institut Mines-Télécom Business School as smooth as possible. When you attend the Orientation Days, you will find a wide variety of school presentations, a welcome lunch and social gatherings to help you get to know the school better, find answers to your questions, and make new friends.



Every student will receive an Official Transcript of Records after the successful completion of all program requirements. 

The transcript will show the course name, contact hours, the number of acquired credits as well as the achieved grades.