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Bachelor IMT-BS

The Bachelor Management & New Technologies, a 3-year career-oriented program

The Bachelor Management & New Technologies of Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is a 3-year undergraduate program leading to a State-certified Bac+3 degree.

Programme Bachelor IMT-BS

At the end of the program, several options are available to you: enter the professional world directly or continue your studies towards a Master’s degree in France or abroad.

The IMT-BS Bachelor program is a general degree that allows you to master the fundamentals of management, administration, marketing and sales… It also has the specificity of being centered on new technologies and digital technology

The Bachelor program allows you to develop fundamental skills while preparing you to become a future executive open, proactive and able to use information technologies in management.

How long is the bachelor program and how are the studies organized at institut mines-telecom business school?

The Bachelor program takes place over 3 years on a full-time basis. It is not offered as a work-study program.

Each year is divided into 2 academic semesters. 

5 main teaching areas:

Courses in the Bachelor program

Each year of study in the Bachelor program allows you to obtain 60 ECTS credits. Each credit validates specific competences.

Cours Bachelor IMT-BS

+ 1st year:

human and social sciences, economics and management, operational and strategic marketing, mathematics for management, introduction to law, selling and promotion, human resource management, accounting, etc.

multimedia workshops (creation of websites, blogs, digital tools…), information systems for companies…

Foreign language 1 (English), Foreign Language 2 (choose from several languages).

Compulsory internship of 2 to 3 months in a company.

+ 2nd year:

the second-year Bachelor courses strengthen, extend and deepen those of the first year, whether in the humanities and social sciences or in economics and management. Some courses related to the acquisition of the fundamentals are taught in English: strategies and business development, geopolitics, international affairs and governance, international economics and globalization.

the second year of the Bachelor program includes courses on spreadsheets and macros, an introduction to the UNIX system, courses such as “E-business website management and digital marketing”.

in the 2nd year, 50% of the courses are taught in English. They are common to both international and French students. 

courses in the second year strengthen interpersonal skills by introducing speech techniques and methodologies, intercultural management (in English) and a pedagogical approach based on experimentation.

you will have the option of doing a professional or linguistic internship of 2 to 3 months in a company.

+ 3rd year:

After a first cycle of fundamental acquisitions, the third year of the Bachelor program is dedicated to the opening to professional life. The international dimension is also reinforced.

You are prepared to work in an international environment.

The first semester is spent abroad. You will follow a program of your choice in one of the School’s partner universities.

During the second semester, you will complete an end-of-study (mandatory) internship of 6 months in France or abroad.

And afterwards…

At the end of this Grande Ecole Bachelor program, you will be able to:
enter the professional world under the best conditions, either in France or abroad. 
continue your studies towards a Master’s degree (BAC +5) in a Grande Ecole or at the University.

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Focus on the third year abroad

In the 3rd year of the Bachelor program, you will spend the first semester abroad in a partner university of the School.

The list of destinations is released at the beginning of the calendar year for a departure in fall.

In the second semester, you can a lso choose to carry out your 6-month internship abroad.

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