Bachelor in Management and Information Technology – Year 2

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bachelor Institut Mines Telecom Business school

In Year 2 you’ll build on what you learnt during Year 1 in human and social sciences and business administration, and further develop your information technology and foreign language communication skills.

50% of the modules in Year 2 are taught in English, which is a great way of preparing for your study abroad semester and placement in Year 3.


Year 2

learning objectives


the ability to plan, organise and collaborate as part of a team.


solid interpersonal communication skills.


a real world understanding of business thanks to an optional 2 to 3-month long business placement or develop your international communication skills by undertaking an optional language placement.

Course structure 

Six thèmes principaux sont étudiés:

  • Relever les défis sociétaux et environnementaux : innovation sociale numérique, obstacles à l’innovation sociale, green ICTs, éco-innovations
  • Financement et valorisation de l’innovation : capital-risque, évaluation des licences, litiges en matière de brevets
  • DPI et diffusion des connaissances : open source innovation, liens université-industrie et analyse des brevets
  • Théorie des réseaux sociaux : gestion des réseaux d’innovation, analyse des réseaux complexes
  • Dynamique sectorielle des TIC : modèles économiques numériques, normes et institutions, rattrapage technologique
  • Economie de la vie privée : modèles d’affaires et vie privée, préoccupations de la vie privée

Core modules  

Semester 1


  • International negotiation workshop
  • Operations and quality management, E-logistics and integrated supply chain
  • New business models in digital world strategies and business development
  • E-business website management and digital marketing
  • Macroeconomics
  • The Knowledge and Information Society
  • Geopolitics, international affairs and governance
  • Business ethics
  • Mathematics for business
  • Personal Project
  • Accounting
  • Introduction to programming
  • Spreadsheets and macros
  • Modern foreign languages (possibility of studying up to 3 languages)

Semester 2


  • Intercultural Management
  • Introduction to UNIX
  • Personal development
  • Database management
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Management accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Management networks
  • Personal project
  • Business game
  • Presentation skills
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Modern foreign languages (possibility of studying up to 3 languages)
  • Optional 2 to 3-month business or language placement