Bachelor in Management and Information Technology – Year 1

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Bachelor in Management and Information Technology – Year 1

bachelor Institut Mines Telecom Business school

IMT-BS will provide you with an intellectually challenging general management programme and a unique opportunity to develop an expertise in information technology by working alongside students and lecturers from Telecom SudParis Engineering school.

In Years 1 and 2, you’ll study human and social sciences and business administration.  You’ll also learn to use information technology tools and develop your foreign language communication skills.

Year 1

learning objectives


your ability to act proactively, approach business situations with an open mind, and to use information technology as an effective management tool.


your ability to exploit new ideas and innovations, and to adapt to change in a competitive business environment.


a real world understanding of business thanks to a mandatory 2 to 3-month long placement.

Course structure 

  • Management sciences, information technology, introduction to economics and business in a digital era. Learning how to exploit digital technologies to boost business plans.
  • Business operations: accounting, financial analysis, human resource management, marketing…
  • Multimedia workshops: developing digital marketing tools (video advertising campaigns, blogs, social networks …).
  • Personal development (coaching sessions, workshops to develop general knowledge and interpersonal skills for private and professional life).

Core modules

Semester 1

  • Accounting
  • Introduction to economics
  • Introduction to law
  • Introduction to business projects (1) / participating in student clubs & societies
  • Working with new collaborative tools
  • Sales and marketing promotion
  • Operational and strategic marketing
  • Voltaire project: written communication skills
  • Personal development & leadership
  • Organisational sociology
  • Economic and social history
  • Mathematics for business
  • Multimedia workshop
  • Modern foreign languages (possibility of studying up to 3 languages)

Semester 2

  • Mathematics for business
  • Voltaire project: written communication skills
  • Financial analysis
  • Business information systems
  • Organisational behaviour & management
  • Human Resource Management in practice
  • Serious game / business management
  • Sustainable development & CSR
  • Innovation game / social entrepreneurship
  • Sulitest (sustainable development certification)
  • Microeconomics
  • Introduction to business projects (2)
  • Multimedia workshop
  • Leadership seminar (1 week): in the shoes of a future manager
  • Introduction to computing
  • Modern foreign languages (possibility of studying up to 3 languages)
  • Mandatory 2 to 3-month work placement