Visa, Residence Permit & Health Insurance

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In this section, you will find all essential information on the various procedures you need to come study at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School as an international student. You can also find information in the International Student Guide edited by Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, a complete guide for international students.


After being accepted in a program, the Admissions or International Office will send you an acceptance letter. With this letter you may register on-line with the French Embassy or Consulate in your home country to obtain a student visa (procedure CEF). For detailed information, please go to CampusFrance website.

Do you need a visa?

European citizens, and those from the European Free Trade Area known as Schengen Area, may enter and stay in France at their convenience. They do not need a visa to enter and stay on the French territory.

Non-European citizens must obtain a multiple-entry visa to enter France. 

What type of visas?

Different categories of visas provide various types of protection for international students. Consulate services in your country of origin will help you understand the rules and regulations that apply. 

  • Students may obtain short or long stay visas, for studies or for research. This visa, with multiple entries, lasts a maximum of three months and allows students to travel in all 27 countries within the Schengen Area. It does not allow access to a resident permit nor to a visa renewal. 
  • Certain short-stay visas only allow students to enter for the purpose of entrance exams. 
  • Long term visas fall under the decree 2009-477, of April 27, 2009. Students arriving in France holding such a visa no longer have to request a residence permit during their first year on French territory (the visa validates a residence VLS VT, equivalent to a residence permit for the first year).

Exchange students from European countries do not need to apply for a visa.

Exchange students from non-European countries are required to have a multiple-entry long-stay visa.




It is compulsory for all international students to be covered with a Health and Liability Insurance.

European Students


European Students must bring their European Social Security Card. Before arriving in France, they also have to buy a liability insurance to be covered in case they cause an accident for example.

Non-European Students

Non-European students must subscribe an international health and liability insurance before coming to France. For international health insurance, you can register on line at:  by filling out the document and paying online. You will be asked to provide an address. You should use the following:

YOUR Name,

9 rue Charles Fourier,

Room #DIR 120

91011 EVRY, France

(after your arrival you’ll change your address).

Civil liability insurance policy

It is compulsory to subscribe to a civil liability insurance policy (assurance responsabilité civile) to be covered for damages done to others. Institut Mines-Télécom Business School recommends ACS foreign researcher insurance.


a liability insurance




The French health service (sécurité sociale) aims at preventing you from health issues. That is to consult practitioners, and to be reimbursed easily.

Under 28 years old

Doctoral students have to subscribe to a student medical coverage of their choice:

  • SEM 
  • LMDE: in Institut Mines-Télécom Business School’s forum every Thursday ; 

Over 28 years old

Doctoral students have to register to the CPAM (Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, the French national healthcare center).  In Evry, they can do so to the CPAM d’Evry (Boulevard François Mitterrand in Evry, Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5:30PM) with the following

  • ID card or passport with visa; 
  • Proof of incomes (payslip, or honor declaration); 
  • Proof of residence (rental agreement, EDF electricity or telephone bill) 
  • French bank details (RIB for relevé d’identité bancaire).





Doctoral students



+33 (0)1 60 76 41 40 40