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IMT-BS partners

The school has two partners: BNP Paribas and the Société Générale

The Société Générale can help you finance your studies by helping you to access to a student loan, “Prêt Etudiant Evolutif” , at a rate of 0.8% (offer valid until 31st October 2020), without processing fees. This loan concerns all students from IMT-BS, whatever their nationality, who have a guarantor in France.

Foreign students without any French guarantor may get a student loan from local branches of Société Générale’s subsidiaries in their country of origin, at local conditions.

For further information, please contact Virginie LEFAIX, the dedicated customer advisor for our campus (English speaking person) :


This partner offers you a student loan at a rate of 0,8% (offer valid until 31st December 2020) without any processing fees.

Amount of the loan up to 50,000 € 
Duration of the loan between 4 and 108 months
Funds available at one time or several
Anticipated reimbursement without any fee is possible.

For further information, please fill in this contact form.