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Administrative procedures

administration procedures imt bs

In this section, you will find all essential information on the various procedures you need to come to study at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School as an international student. You can also find information in the International Student Guide edited by Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, a complete guide for international students.

After being accepted in a program, the Admissions or the International Office will send you an acceptance letter. With this letter you may register online with the French Embassy or Consulate in your home country to obtain a student visa (CEF procedure). For detailed information, please go to France Visas‘ website.

Do you need a visa?

European citizens and those from the Schengen Area can enter and stay in France at their convenience. They do not need any visa to enter and stay on the French territory.

Non-European citizens must obtain a visa to enter France. Get information on France visas’ website. 

What kinds of visas?

Different categories of visas provide various types of protection for international students. Consulate services in your country of origin will give you guidance about which status you should apply to. Students may request a visa according to different purposes: studies or research. These visas last between 3 months and one year and allow students to travel in all 27 countries within the Schengen Area.

  • Short-stay visas with the mention “Visa étudiant-concours” only allow students to enter France for the purpose of taking exams for a duration of 90 days maximum. If you succeed in your exam and you wish to stay in France, you can then request a student residence card to the Prefecture providing the proof of this success.
  • Long-term visas can be of 2 types. For a stay which lasts between 3 and 12 months, you will get a “Visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour” also called “VLS-TS”. It is a one-year-length visa that you have to validate throughout the OFII procedure. For a stay that lasts more than 12 months, you will be delivered a 3 months visa called “Visa de long séjour” with a mention “Carte de séjour à solliciter dans les 2 mois suivant l’arrivée”. This means you have to request a residence card to the Prefecture of your living residence instead of doing the OFII procedure.

It is compulsory for all international students to be covered by Social Security. The CPAM (which is the name of the organism that takes care of Social Security) will give you refunds on a part of your health expenses such as medical care, hospital or pharmacy for instance.

European Students

 European Students have to request a European Social Security Card before leaving their country. They will get refunds for their health expenses in France from their own country.

Non-European Students

Non-European students have to subscribe an international health insurance before coming to France at least for their first month in France. As soon as they arrive in France, they must register online on by filling out the form and uploading the requested documents.

NB: students have to have a French bank account to be able to apply to Social Security.

Foreign PhD students

We recommend PhD students to subscribe an international health insurance before coming to France at least for their first month in France. Once in France, they will have to register at the Social Security. The registration process varies according to your status:

  • If you have a scholarship, and you are under 28, you have to register here.
  • If you have a scholarship and you are 28 or over, you have to fill this form and send it to the CPAM of your residence place.
  • If you have a work contract and a Convention d’Accueil, you have to fill in this form and send it to the CPAM of Paris with the following copies: your passport, your work contract, your Convention d’Accueil, your last pay slip, a proof of address, your bank information.

For any question please contact Science Accueil Evry by filling this form:

Also called “Mutuelle”, it is not mandatory. You can subscribe to a complementary health insurance if you want to get better refunds regarding your health expenses. The refunds will cover a part or the totality of the expenses that are not covered by the Social Security.

There is a wide range of covers so you have to compare the different offers and choose the plan that suits you better (the school can help you with this once you are on campus).

Please bring an original birth certificate with you before coming to France as it will be requested by French administrations such as Prefecture, Social Security, CAF, etc… This document will need to be translated into French and the translation needs to be done by an official translator.

If you make it translate from your country, the only accepted translations are the ones from translators located inside French Consulates or Embassies. All the other translations will be rejected by French administrations.

You can also get a translation from France. Here is the list of official translators: It takes between 1 and 2 weeks to get your documents translated.

Société Générale

New arriving students have the possibility to anticipate the opening of their French bank account with the Société Générale even if they are still abroad so that everything is ready to open it as soon as they arrive on the campus. In this purpose, you can contact the counsellor dedicated to our campus by email (contact below).

The Société Générale can also help you finance your studies by helping you to access to a student loan. For further information, click here

Our counsellor is usually present on campus full-time in August-September and once a week all the rest of the school year to give you some advice about all the offered services.

Dedicated English speaking customer advisor for our campus: Virginie LEFAIX

Phone number: 01 60 90 57 66Email:


BNP Paribas

New arriving students have the possibility to open a bank account with BNP Paribas. You will get:

  • A welcome advantage of 80€ transferred on your new bank account if you subscribe to Esprit Libre offer,
  • Free bank services (under conditions),
  • An agency close to your campus
  • Dedicated counsellors

BNP Paribas can also help you finance your studies by helping you to access to a student loan. For further information, click here

Our counsellor is usually present full-time on campus during the month of September.

For further information, please fill in this contact form.