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Practical information for going abroad or coming to IMT-BS

Whether you are a French student wishing to go abroad for an exchange, or a European student or a student from outside the European Union wishing to come to IMT-BS, the Department for International Relations and Development will assist you in your mobility process.

To go abroad: you must obtain a passport and a visa

Regarding passport and visa requirements (for students from outside the EU), please consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs as some documents may take a long time to be issued.

ATTENTION: If a passport is required in the country you are traveling to, you must ensure that it is valid for the entire duration of your stay and even longer.

To come and study at IMT-BS: you must obtain a Long-Stay Visa for Studies-Residence Permit (VLS-TS )

You wish to study at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and you are not a European student? 

You must obtain a VLS-TS visa valid for a period of 4 to 12 months. This visa is granted to all foreign students (except Algerian nationals, who are subject to a specific regulation) wishing to pursue their studies in a French higher education institution.

To obtain a VLS-TS visa, contact the Campus France office (CEF procedure) in your country. 31 countries have such offices (list on the Campus France website).


This system enables you to benefit from support and advice for the entire process up to the visa application. It also allows you to follow-up on the progress of your electronic application.

Within 3 months following your arrival in France, you can obtain a sticker confirming your residence permit after:

  • Sending the VLS-OFII form provided by the French Embassy or Consulate that issued your visa,
  • Presenting a copy of the passport pages containing the holder’s identity details and the stamp certifying entry into France or the Schengen area,
  • Paying a €58 tax,
  • Depending on the case, have undergone a medical examination in France.

These steps for the validation of the VLS visa as a residence permit will be done at the beginning of the academic year, with the help of the Department for International Relations and Development. The same will have to be done for the renewal of your residence permit if you are enrolled in a double degree program.

More about the VLS-TS Visa

Insurance for students on mobility abroad

Medical coverage

French medical insurance, provided by the Social Security (Ameli), is of very high quality: it provides reimbursement of a portion of medical expenses for a basic student fee. It is mandatory for non-European students (see Ameli information for non-European students).

To benefit from the “student” social security, you must be less than 28 years old and be enrolled in an eligible higher education institution for at least 4 months.

Students who are European Economic Area citizens are exempt from this requirement if they hold a European health insurance card (or its provisional certificate) for the entire academic year, or a private insurance certificate covering all medical risks without any financial limitations.

The French social security system reimburses on average 60% of health expenses. 

In addition to this mandatory insurance scheme, student mutual insurance companies can provide additional coverage up to complete free care, in exchange for a financial subscription.

Civil liability insurance during your studies

It is mandatory for all students and covers physical and material damages caused to third parties during their studies, internship or in a private context. 

It provides compensation for the damage you cause to the victim. This insurance may already be included in another insurance policy (home insurance for example).  Check to avoid duplication.

On-campus accommodation

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School provides first-year students with accommodation on campus or nearby.

The School cannot accommodate all its students. First-year students and students from our partner institutions on double degree and exchange programs are given priority.

Discover the Maisel and student housing.

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