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International mobility

Off-campus academic exchange

Prerequisites to anticipate

To be eligible for academic mobility, it is essential to meet both the linguistic and academic prerequisites set by partner institutions. These are established to ensure that students benefit from their experience abroad, succeed academically and contribute positively to the host university community.

A school certificate or recognized language test is required for many destinations.

Scores must be submitted by the end of the application period. Any scores submitted after this date may be refused by the IRAD. Test scores not indicated may also be refused.

Find out more

Moodle FAQ International is available for you to consult (by category).

Are you an IMT-BS student?

Apply in 5 steps:

1 – Create your personal space

After completing the online identification form, you will receive an email with your login.

2 – Apply

Once you have expressed your wishes and submitted all your supporting documents in your personal space, your file is sent to the DRDI for validation. You will receive a confirmation email.

3 – Assignment

After examining your application and the number of places available at the schools you have chosen, the assignment committee informs you of its decision. This decision takes into account the priority of your wishes. You cannot change your choice of destination.

4 – Being nominated

Once the DRDI has nominated (registered) you with the partner school, you can enroll in the host school. Without this nomination, you do not need to register with the host school.

5 – Register with the partner school

DRDI will help you choose a destination and register with the partner school, but is not responsible for travel administration (insurance, transport, accommodation, etc.).

A Moodle FAQ International section is available for you to consult (by category).

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