IMT-BS has developed an extensive network of Double Degree opportunities in
collaboration with renowned schools worldwide to provide students with an opportunity
to foster their career as global business leaders and master the complexity of
future challenges for companies and institutions in a plural context.

In addition to the degree from their home university and following the agreement established with our partner, students can acquire a second one from IMT-BS, enabling them to benefit from excellent training offered in each institution and increasing their employability prospects due to an internationalization of profiles with an immersion in French culture and language, providing them with a lifelong advantage.

Incoming double degree study programs available at IMT-BS :

  • Bachelor in Management and IT
  • Integrated Masters in Management
  • Master of Science :

– International Management

– Management of Innovation in the Digital Economy

Nomination and application procedures 

Applicants for double degree programs shall officially be nominated by their home university which has a double degree agreement with IMT-BS.

For details on the double degree nomination procedure, please inquire with the office in charge at your home university.

Only partner universities can nominate students for a double degree program. The School cannot accept direct applications.

Grades and Credit transfer

Courses at both universities will be coordinated and course credits will be mutually recognized by both institutions.

Participating students will remain administratively enrolled in both their sending and hosting institutions during the entire length of the program.