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Our professors and researchers publish works that contribute to the richness of the teaching at our Business School. You will find various publications, books and essays.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages d'IMT-BS
Asia-Europe industrial connectivity in times of crisis - Sam Dzever

Lucia Morales, Sam Dzever, Robert Taylor

Asia-Europe industrial connectivity in times of crisis

Innovation, entrepreneurship, management series. Innovation and technology set, ISTE ; John Wiley & Sons, 2022

The main objective of this book is to offer an overview and a critical assessment of current connectivity issues in Asia and Europe, seen from an industrial perspective.

Corps connectés - Pierre Antoine Chardel

Armen Khatchatourov, Olaf Avenati, Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Isabelle Queval

Corps connectés : figures, fragments, discours

Presses des Mines – Transvalor, 2022

Our bodies are now embedded in data flows. Our new experiences of the senses, of moving around and of being together are being amply modified in the age of hyper-connection and Big Data.

The Digital Transformation of Auditing and the Evolution of the Internal Audit - Nabyla Daidj

Nabyla Daidj

The digital transformation of auditing and the evolution of the internal audit

Finance, governance and sustainability. Challenges to theory and practice series, Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2022

The main objective of this book is to provide both academics and practitioners with a global vision of the evolution of internal auditing in a fast-changing business landscape driven by digital transformation.

Socio-philosophie des technologies numériques - Pierre Antoine Chardel

Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Andrew Feenberg

Socio-philosophie des technologies numériques : éthique, société, organisations : suivi d’un entretien avec Andrew Feenberg

Libres opinions, Presses des Mines – TRANSVALOR, 2022

Many existential opportunities and tensions have arisen since digital technologies entered our lives. This book paves the way for a socio-philosophy of hypermodern times, in which we must learn to live better.

Réseaux sociaux‎ : 50 outils, 13 plans d'action, 6 ressources numérique

Christine Balagué, David Fayon

Réseaux sociaux‎ : 50 outils, 13 plans d’action, 6 ressources numérique

Pro en, Vuibert, 2022

The book deals with the particularities of approaches depending on the target: B2B, B2C, B2A or C2B, and action grids are drawn up for large corporations, SMEs, VSEs, government bodies and associations. Crisis communication is also covered, with particular emphasis on managing and anticipating bad buzz.

Critique de la raison automatique - Fabrice Flipo

Manola Antonioli, Fabrice Flipo

Critique de la raison automatique : bêtise(s) et intelligence(s) de la numérisation du monde

Libres opinions, Presses des Mines – TRANSVALOR, 2022

The essays in this book reflect on the intertwining of different problematic strata of the “digitization of the world”, without neglecting the acceleration it has undergone in the context of Covid 19.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Fabrice FLIPO 2022

Fabrice Flipo

Le développement durable et ses critiques

Bréal, Collection « Thèmes Et Débats », 2022

A transversal analysis to understand the stakes, the urgencies and the controversies around sustainable development and the ecological and social transition.
Is it a misguided concept, an oxymoron or a hope for the “common future” of Humanity? The concept of sustainable development, born of diplomacy, used to justify the most opposed actions, has never been so controversial.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Valérie CHAROLLES 2022

Valérie Charolles

Se libérer de la domination des chiffres

Fayard, Collection « Sciences humaines », 2022

This book takes us into the heart of the manufacture of the indicators that mark our daily lives. The persistent illusion that everything can be accurately reflected in numbers does not stand up to scrutiny. The problem is not to put aside numbers, but to free ourselves from their domination.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Emmanuel BAUDOIN 2022

Caroline Diard, Emmanuel Baudoin, Sylvie Berthet

Aide-mémoire – Ressources humaines – 3e édition

Dunod, Collection « Aide-mémoire », 2022

This checklist is a synthetic course on the management of human resources in companies. It provides keys to understanding and analysing recruitment, training and skills development, remuneration, conducting individual interviews and performance management, social negotiation, personnel administration and payroll, and the digital transformation of the HR function.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Valérie CHAROLLES 2021

Valérie Charolles

Le libéralisme contre le capitalisme

Gallimard, Collection : « Folio. Essais », 2021

If economic technique is difficult to grasp for those who are not specialists, the principles on which it is based must be accessible to all: what is wealth? How to measure it? How should it be distributed? Liberalism and capitalism offer radically different answers to these questions.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Claudine GUERRIER 2021

Claudine Guerrier

Volume 12 – Security and its challenges in the 21st century

ISTE / John Wiley & Sons, 2021

By the year 2000, a balance was sought between security requirements and a respect for privacy, as well as for individual and collective freedoms. As we progress further into the 21st century, however, security is taking precedence within an increasingly controlled society. This shift is due to advances in innovative technologies and the investments made by commercial companies to drive constant technological progress.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Gérard Dubey, Alain Gras 2021

Gérard Dubey, Alain Gras

La servitude électrique. Du rêve de liberté à la prison numérique

Editions du Seuil, 2021

Through a historical journey from Ampère to Bill Gates, the authors take apart the backstage and the flaws of the electric myth and the digitalization of our lives. No, the all-electric, all-digital world will not save the planet! Before they totally imprison us, let’s tear ourselves away from their seductive power and get out of the Matrix.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Fabrice FLIPO 2021

Fabrice Flipo

La numérisation du monde : un désastre écologique

L’échappée, 2021, Collection : « Pour en finir avec »

The myth of the immateriality of digital technology is finally collapsing. It turns out that this sector is the worst ecological performer of all, especially in terms of greenhouse gas emissions: worse than aviation, in every respect. But what exactly are we talking about? And what are the consequences? Based on an exhaustive study of scientific reports on the subject, Fabrice Flipo precisely defines the issues at stake in the digitalisation of the world and its ecological implications.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages: Fabrice Flipo, Camille Rondot, Antonella Tufano, 2020

Fabrice Flipo, Camille Rondot, Antonella Tufano

Smart cities : vers de nouvelles organisations ?

Presses des Mines, 2020, Collection : « Management Des Technologies »

Smart Cities are beginning to emerge. The digital transformation on which they are based combines technologies and new uses. This profound change can be approached from different perspectives: that of visitors, citizens, local authorities, user companies or those offering technological solutions. The fields of the Smart City are multiple and concern mobility, technologies, urban planning, energy, infrastructures, housing, etc. The creation and management of data play a major role in the Smart City.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Claudine GUERRIER 2021

Claudine Guerrier

Volume 10 – Les enjeux de la sécurité au XXIe siècle. Le fantôme de la liberté

ISTE éditions, 2021

The balance sought at the end of the 20th century between the need for security and respect for privacy and individual and collective freedoms is giving way in the 21st century to a priority for security for the increasingly controlled social body. This phenomenon can be explained by the progress of innovative technologies and the investments made by commercial companies in a perpetual technological race to the front.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Charlotte Krychowski, 2020

Charlotte Krychowski

Business models en e-santé : Modèle d’émergence et cas d’application

Presses des Mines, 2020, Collection « Economie et gestion »

E-health holds great promise, particularly in terms of improving the quality of care and increasing the efficiency of the healthcare system. But digital technology is also changing the rules of the game and attracting new players, starting with the GAFAs, which are not hiding their ambitions in this field. The development of e-health also requires an overhaul of the regulatory framework and the healthcare pathway, to which the French authorities are reluctant to commit fully. Under such conditions, it is difficult for innovative e-health companies to develop sustainable business models.

Labelled by the FNEGE Labelling College in the “ORC” category

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Pierre-Antoine Chardel, 2020

Pierre-Antoine Chardel

L’empire du signal – De l’écrit aux écrans

CNRS Editions, 2020

Digital screens have become indispensable to us today. Available, fast, they respond infallibly. Their omnipresence, their customary use, do not allow us, beyond the ritual proclamations of addiction risks, to learn to discern the metamorphoses of our lives that are produced by them.
This book invites us to leave our user position and to look for elements of understanding of the digital transformation in the theories of writing.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Sam Dzever 2020

Bernadette Andreosso-O’Callaghan, Sam Dzever, Jacques Jaussaud, Robert Taylor

Sustainable Development and Energy Transition in Europe and Asia

Wiley-ISTE, 2020

Asian and European countries have taken different approaches to the conflicting priorities of economic growth and low carbon emissions. In this book, based on revised versions of papers presented at the 24th International Euro-Asia Research Conference held in 2019, the contrasts between the schools of thought on each continent are explored in depth.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Fabrice Flipo 2020

Marie Cuillerai, Fabrice Flipo

1917/2017 : Qu’est-ce que réussir une révolution ?

Presses des Mines, 2020

1917/2017: a little more than a hundred years after the double Russian revolution, this book offers a theoretical and geographical disorientation on what makes a revolutionary “event”. The authors’ approach has been to move away from the commemorative gesture to punctuate the perspectives from the places where they resonate today between hopes and memories. Politicians, philosophers and sociologists invite us to move around in “revolutionary terrain”, in the midst of the investigation and the archive, of memory and the present.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: Jean-Luc Moriceau, 2020

Hugo Letiche, Stephen A. Linstead, Jean-Luc Moriceau

The Magic of Organization

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 2020

The issue of magic needs to be taken seriously and rethought today, especially in relation to financial management and organisation. Magic has long been seen as irrationalism or primitivism, and then in a postmodern moment it has been presented as renewed creativity and innovation. We believe that a third phase should be opened. Today, magic should be studied as a means of informing the study of other possibilities of being.

Dernières parutions d'ouvrages IMT-BS: F.Flipo 2020

Fabrice Flipo

L’impératif de la sobriété numérique : L’enjeu des modes de vie

Editions Matériologiques, Collection « Essais », 2020

2020 is the year of digital sobriety: between the National Digital Council’s Roadmap on the Environment and the Digital Economy, the Senate’s opinion and the Shift Project’s report, the subject has never been so present. The deployment of 5G is being questioned, even contested: will it not accelerate the data deluge? Hasn’t sobriety become an imperative?