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As the highest academic award, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program at IMT-BS is designed to develop the next generation of leaders, scholars and specialists in their chosen field of expertise. By leveraging the skills, insights and expertise of our researchers, we are committed in our endeavour to develop curious, rigorous researchers who can generate exciting new knowledge and methodologies, apply a range of critical and technical skills and make an ethical, thoughtful contribution to academic, industrial and social audiences. Hosted and administered by the Paris-Saclay Doctoral School ED SHS, and co-managed by the LITEM research lab, doctoral students can undertake both conceptual and applied projects in broad areas such as:

The program typically involves seminar participation (120 hours are devoted to seminars dedicated to research training, methods, discipline content and research ethics), individual research and research community engagement. Projects are undertaken in collaboration with a thesis director and candidatures are approximately three to four years in length. Candidates can expect to work closely with their thesis director and will be required to orally defend their findings at the conclusion of their candidature. Completion of the thesis and the oral defence then leads to the State awarded title of doctor. Projects and the defence can be undertaken either in French or in English. International applications to the doctoral program are encouraged and we welcome projects that have a specific regional or cultural focus.

In line with our mission to develop boldness, excellence, openness and responsibility among our graduates, IMT-BS strongly encourages applications that advance brave ideas, truly novel concepts and highly lateral possibilities that take advantage of inter-disciplinary frameworks and methods.

For information regarding the management of doctoral projects through the LITEM lab, please go to https://www.litem.univ-evry.fr/formation-et-enseignement/formation-doctorale.html

Or contact IMT-BS at recherche@imt-bs.eu

More general information is available at:

Information in French about doctoral training la FD à l’ED SHS Paris-Saclay.

Information in English about doctoral training in ED SHS Paris-Saclay.





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