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In order to train responsible managers, it is essential to provide students with environment-friendly living conditions. Awareness and learning are also easier for students if they live on a campus which is committed to taking action to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.

Gestion environnementale sur le campus d'IMT-BS

Waste Reduction and Recycling:

Gestion environnementale à IMT-BS: Tri des déchets

Waste sorting

Cups, cans, plastic bottles, paper; plastic caps are donated to the association Bouchons de l'Espoir.



The WEEEs (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) are repaired by the RECLS association, donated to underprivileged families or resold. The profits from the sale of old books from the media library are redistributed to associations for missions of access to education and culture (Secours Populaire Français, Mots et Merveilles).

Gestion environnementale à IMT-BS: Opération campus propre et zéro mégot

Awareness-raising actions:

Operation Clean Campus and Zero Cigarette Butts, communication focusing on the use of personal mugs at the cafeteria and in the hot beverage vending machines.

Other initiatives

MISSION DD&RS d'IMT-BS: Ecole à impact positif sur son campus

Urban agriculture

The PoUCE is the campus vegetable garden managed by the club Uni'vert. As a shared space open to students and staff members, it aims to raise awareness about sustainable agriculture and resource management. It is equipped with a rainwater collector, insect nest boxes and is part of an organic farming approach.

Gestion environnementale IMT-BS: Valorisation des achats responsables

Responsible purchasing

For several years, IMT-BS has been engaged in a progressive approach to responsible purchasing (furniture, goodies, phytosanitary products, catering).

Gestion environnementale IMT-BS: Vers une électricité verte

Energy management

LED lighting, motion detectors, free-cooling system in the server room in order to optimize energy consumption.

Student clubs and sport facilities: Sport activities


A project for the sustainable building of a new sports hall is under way.

Gestion environnementale IMT-BS: Bornes de recharge électrique


Recharging stations for electric vehicles, secure bicycle storage room, renewal of the vehicle fleet with hybrid vehicles.