Challenge Projet d’Entreprendre : 2017 edition

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The new edition of the IMT Starter Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre® (Entrepreneurship Projects Challenge) will take place from 24 to 31 March 2017 at the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School and Télécom SudParis campus, offering more than 530 students an opportunity to learn about creating a business or implement a start-up project with the help of internal experts and companies.

1 week to innovate and create a company



Organized every year since 2000 by IMT Starter, Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre® is one of the most important entrepreneurship events for students in France. It takes place every year at the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School and Télécom SudParis campus in Evry.

During one week, entirely devoted to the event, all second-year students at Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (TEM) and Télécom SudParis (TSP), as well as students from ENSIIE (since 2014), participate in this educational project.

Mixed teams of engineers and managers

The goal is to have mixed teams of engineers and managers create a start-up project in the IT and communication fields. The week includes coaching sessions with professionals, encounters with researchers and conferences aimed at helping the teams progress in their projects; teams that combine different, and yet complementary, sensibilities and skills.

A business plan video

The Challenge constitutes a demanding week (from Friday 24 through Friday 31 March) during which students have to design an ITC start-up project and submit a business plan video. This innovation is a hallmark of the Challenge Projets d’Entreprendre®, well-rooted in the dual manager-engineer culture on the Evry campus.

One project with three objectives

The Challenge pursues three educational objectives, developed in partnership with the academic staff of the project’s three schools: generate a spirit of innovation, develop a desire to become an entrepreneur/create a company and learn to work in project mode with mixed teams. 

sebastien cauwet

“We hope this year will see more fantastic success stories along the lines of Ubicast (420 employees today), KRDS (100 people), Recommerce solutions (100 people) or, more recently, Auticiel (15 people) and Uavia (10 people). All these companies are the fruit of the Challenge. This week devoted to entrepreneurship is also an opportunity for many students to develop relations with partner companies with a view to obtaining an internship or “intrapreneur” job, another type of entrepreneurship. Yet others embark on the adventure, sometimes with the support of venture capital funds, also represented in the juries.” 



Sébastien Cauwet,

Director of the IMT Starter incubator


Participants will benefited once again this year from support and advice from prestigious partners taking part in various juries. The 5 winning teams receive prizes from sponsors (iPad and iPhone).

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