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Can technology combat chronic stress?

Anuragini Shirish - étude sur le stress chronique et la technologie

Anuragini Shirish, a researcher at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School and a lecturer in information systems for management, details her work on chronic stress and technology in an article published on I’MTech.

Chronic stress and technology, a study and research by Anuragini Shirish, professor at IMT-BS

This is a particularly current topic in an anxiety-filled context aggravated by the Covid-19 crisis.

How to prevent the state of stress from becoming chronic and generating mental health disorders? How does the state of chronic stress settle in? How do the current health situation and the Covid-19 pandemic have an impact on stress?

Anuragini Shirish‘s work deciphers the different sources of stress and provides answers to reduce chronic stress in order to improve living conditions in general.

Can technology reduce stress?

This may sound contradictory, however, Anuragini Shirish has been working on this issue. For instance, she observed that “social positive technology has facilitated responses to individual and group stress.” As an example, she mentions the family gatherings by videoconference that developed during the lockdown and helped to maintain connections and reduce some of the stress.

Different positive technologies exist and can be further developed.

This is a current topic addressed by IMT-BS students and researchers who are actively working to understand how innovations and technologies can solve health problems.

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