Assistant Professor in Strategy (W/M)

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is a public business school in the French Grandes Ecoles tradition. Founded in 1979, the School reports to the Ministry of Economy. For over 30 years, the School has been recognized for its expertise in management, innovation and entrepreneurship, ethics, and information and communication technologies.

It trains future managers and entrepreneurs to be responsible, innovative and open to the world around them and to lead their organizations in the major transitions of tomorrow’s society: digitized economy, energy and ecological transition, new business models, industry of the future.

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is the business school of IMT (Mines-Telecom Institute), the main French technology institute dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering and management. Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has, since its creation, shared its campus with its sister engineering school, Telecom SudParis, creating a unique synergy in France. Institut Mines-Telecom Business School has also an on-campus business incubator for young innovative companies. This incubator is open to students, alumni and other entrepreneurs.

The School is among the top 10 management schools in France when comparing the level of salaries earned upon graduation. It proposes a complete program offering, from undergraduate to doctorate, all meeting international standards.

Institut Mines-Telecom Business School is AACSB and AMBA accredited.

More information about the School, its values and mission can be found at

Date of update: February 2020


Job Title: Assistant Professor in Strategy (W/M)


Location: Evry – FRANCE


Entity / Service: Institut Mines-Télécom Business School / Management, Marketing and Strategy Department (MMS)


Position of the superior: Director of the Management, Marketing and Strategy department


Categories or jobs of agents who can apply: Assistant Professor


Job Category and Occupation: II – C


Public Service Category: A

Within the framework of the school’s values, mission and strategy :

– Participate in the design, coordination and implementation of strategic, French and English language courses in initial and further education
– Conducting research activities in his or her discipline
– Leading, promoting and contributing to the influence of the research and development activities and expertise of his team, in his/her discipline
– Contributing to the life of the school and the deployment of its strategic plan
– Contributing to the school’s notoriety

1. Education

1. 1 Design and delivery of education

– Participate in the school’s training needs analysis
– Contribute to the training in both theoretical and experimental teaching in his or her discipline.
– Designing and delivering courses and other teaching activities in his/her discipline, in French and English, in initial and further education
– Ensure that learning objectives and learning goals are defined and that the Assurances of Learning (AOL) are implemented according to the principles defined by the AACSB and integrate student evaluations and feedback.
– Contribute to the evolution of pedagogy, in particular methods and tools.
– Designing and correcting assessments, analyzing and correcting student reports or dissertations
– Designing and supervising projects, monitoring and advising students on work placements in companies
– Participate in project and internship juries

1. 2 Coordination of courses

– Analysing needs with the training and pedagogy director and designing programmes to meet these needs
– Coordinate initial training (UV, courses, modules…) and further education (courses, seminars, study days…).
– Participate with the domain coordinators in assuring :
– the coherence of teaching and training (UV – Module – Programme)
– the evolution of curricula and propose modifications or creation of teaching modules, majors or programmes
– the enrichment and renewal of the range of continuing education courses on offer
– Put in place and coordinate the appropriate team of teachers, in respect of the school’s strategy in coherence with its accreditations.
– Participate in the recruitment of short-term speakers and educators as part of the policy of upgrading the qualifications of the teaching staff of the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School.
– Designing and producing course materials and pedagogical tools for the subjects taught

2. Research

2. 1 Production and Animation

– Develop personal research and participate in a collective research strategy (in relation to the major challenges of the digital world) in coherence with the missions of IMT-BS (digital, energy and ecological, economic and industrial transition).
– Provide supervision for graduate and post-graduate management students
– Follow the scientific policy of the Institut Mines-Telecom and the school in the field of its competences and to participate in the definition of the scientific orientations of the school.
– Set up and participate in projects involving external partners from the Institut Mines-Télécom, the academic or business worlds, in particular in the context of projects structuring the Institut Mines-Télécom or national or European projects.
– Find and carry out partnership research contracts, particularly of the ANR or European type.
– Participate in existing research projects and propose research activities in emerging disciplines

2. 2 Valorisation and outreach

– Participate in research or expertise actions within the framework of partnerships (industrial, academic, institutional)
– Negotiate, develop and manage contracts, programs and research projects
– Contribute to the establishment and strengthening of scientific collaborations with the world of industry and research, in France and abroad.
– Promote its research activities at national and international level, including to the media and the public at large

3. Contribute to the life of the school, to the deployment of its strategic plan and to the development of its reputation.

– Participate in admissions juries and student recruitment
– Participate in the major events in the life of the school (start of the school year, academic day, graduation ceremony, etc.) and in promotional activities (fairs, open days, etc.).
– Contribute to internal working groups and projects related to the deployment of the school’s strategy
– Participate in relations with the school’s stakeholders: companies, alumni, local authorities, IMT and its schools, partners of the Evryen site
– Promote its research activities at national and international level, including to the media and the public at large
– Contribute to the deployment of the international strategy, particularly when travelling abroad

Level of education and/or experience required :
– PhD in Management Sciences (Strategy)
– Teaching and research experience in an academic or industrial laboratory
– Significant and recent publications in journals classified in management sciences at national level (lists of HCERES, CNRS and FNEGE ) and international level (list of ABS – Chartered Association of Business Schools). Of which at least 2 in peer-reviewed journals over the last 4 years

Essential skills, knowledge and experience :
– Teaching experience in higher education
– Fluent in written and spoken English, writing articles and teaching in English
– Expertise in strategy and mastery of digital issues
– Ability to integrate sustainable development, CSR and ethical issues into teaching and research activities
– Good integration into the scientific community in France and/or abroad
– Knowledge of the scientific issues and laboratories of the discipline at the national and international level

Desirable skills, knowledge and experience :
– An international teaching or research experience
– Experiences or an interest in conducting and/or participating in innovative educational projects (multimedia cases, serious games, MOOC, etc.).

Abilities and skills :
– Pedagogical qualities
– Ability to work in a team
– Ability to negotiate and coordinate national, European or international contracts with academic or industrial partners.
– Motivation to participate in the preparation of responses to calls for projects and R&D proposals
– Ability to abstract and synthesize
– Decision-making capacity
– Ability to work in “project mode” and to build and manage projects
– Sense of leadership and organization
– Writing skills
– Relational qualities
– Rigour, responsiveness and initiative

Thank you to send before the March 23, 2020, an application file including :

– a complete and detailed curriculum vitae
– a letter of motivation
– a work note setting out the candidate’s past activities in teaching and research: both types of activities must be described with the same concern for rigour
– a file or URL address to access the text of major publications
– the names and addresses of two qualified persons

The application form should be sent to

– Institut Mines-Télécom Business School – DRH – 9 rue Charles Fourier – 91000 EVRY – FRANCE