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Pass-world is an international admissions process for postgraduate students holding non-French Bachelor or Master’s degrees.

To be eligible students must have spent a minimum of two years studying in higher education outside of France.

Each member school offers the possibility of studying a two year Master’s in Management degree (Programme Grande Ecole), in English and/or in French.

Applications are made exclusively online with the application platform : Pass-world website

Application documents:

To apply you must submit a number of official documents. Before you start your online application, make sure you have all the necessary copies of your diploma (Bachelor and or Master’s degree), transcripts or study certificate from your previous School or University.

Note that Pass-world will not submit your application if you have incomplete documentation.

Number of available places : 30



Results of eligibility: answer by the end of the month for the first four choices

School Fees : 7 890 Euros

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