3 off-shore campuses

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Télécom Ecole de Management expands its globalization by creating three off-shore campuses at Virginia Tech (United States), University of Lanzhou (China) and at Alliance University in Bangalore (India). The campuses will open in early 2014. Students and teachers at the school will stay for an academic semester.

3  off-shore campuses in the United States, China, and India

Télécom Ecole de Management chose to establish these campuses at these well-known universities because of their expertise in new technology, management, and innovation : Virginia Tech (USA), the University of Lanzhou (China) and Alliance University of Bangalore (India). The three off-shore campuses will open in 2014.

« By establishing ourselves at the heart of clusters of international technology, Télécom Ecole de Management develops its brand in the global market of business schools, » Denis Lapert says, Dean of Télécom Ecole de Management.
« We are training New Business Pioneers« , states Philippe Rivet, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. « Professionals who will be at the source of innovation and value the creation and immersion in new technology. Our choice to go to the United States, China, and India fulfills our commitment to finding new sources of growth. »

Furthering the international experience for students and faculty

Students will be able to study for three months at one of the campuses during their 2nd year of school, on a voluntary basis. This new period of study will add to the six months that the students must complete during their 3rd year, totaling nine months for their international experience, excluding a gap year or further education.

Overall, Télécom Ecole de Management will send about a hundred students to these off-shore campuses each year. Priority will be given to student apprentices (co-op). They will be accompanied by their professors from the school who will teach 80% of the courses in English.